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Welcome to Eco World Travel an online magazine showing you all the green tourism destinations in the world. Among the green destinations include the national parks & game reserves, zoo, wetlands & water bodies, forests among others.

Eco World Travel guide will show you all travel tips required to plan your safari in any continent of the world. This guide will be much featuring green information about Africa and other continents and we have all experts to help all travelers interested in sustainable tourism worldwide.

Africa before was performing badly as far as green travel is concerned. But today due to cooperative effort of different conservation organizations, Africa is becoming the world’s “greenest” region, because of so many travel companies, environmental elites & activists  advocating for conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

Many of conservation organizations like E4P – Africa, advocates for managing resources to be used in sustainable manner so that even the future generations can too use the same wildlife and protect for the next generation. E4P – Africa together with the Uganda Carnivore Program promotes the conservation of predators in Queen Elizabeth National Park and volunteering programs are in place and after the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism is awarded.

Many tourists prefer travel to Africa because of the wildlife, primates, bird life, culture, water bodies, sightseeing & landscapes. Africa is much known for its wildlife, primates, bird life & culture all found in East, Southern, Central & Northern Africa. The all inclusive beaches, sightseeing, the tropical rain forests, mountains and perfect sanctuaries where travelers experience volunteerism skills.

Beautiful beaches

Africa especially East Africa,  is gifted with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This is an attraction that any tourist would like to spend a vacation in. A case in point is the Mombasa beaches in Kenya, Zanzibar in Tanzania, Seychelles beaches, Mauritius, Madagascar among others.

Large Biodiversity

In spite of the most loved attractions, Africa has different biodiversity. A number of these species are exclusively found in Africa including some species of snakes, hummingbirds, frogs, lizards among many more. This rich biodiversity has major contributor to the country’s Eco – tourism development.


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