5 Things you have to do in Bhutan

Bhutan is a great place to visit with the picturesque mountains, valleys, the erotic locations, the wonderful shopping etc. if you are an Indian you do not need a visa prior. You can obtain the visa upon the entry by showing your passport on the Voter ID. When you get there you must do or see 5 of the below mentioned places and things.

Taktsang monastery: This monastery is located in Paro, it is an iconic monastery also called as the “Tiger’s Nest”. This monastery was destroyed in a fire accident and was rebuilt in the year 1998. The Taktsang monastery was first built in the year 1692 at the place where Guru Rinpoche meditated. He was the founder of Bhutan’s Mahayana Buddhism. This is a must visit monastery for peace and tranquility.

Dzongs: You must visit the Punakha Dzong if you love the beauty of the nature. This place looks stunning in the spring season, skirted by the trees of lilac jacarand over the Mo chhu banks. This was a fortress in the 1600s , but in the present day it is the residence in winter to his royal highness Je khenpo. The Trashi chhoe Dzong looks spectacular on the manicured lawn size and it also has a huge courtyard. The monastery Rinpung Dzong was built by Guru Padmasambhara in the 10th century. It overlooks the paro valley.

Things you have to do in Bhutan

Tsechu: The white washed Dzonga are splashed with colors. The teschu of Paro is full of energy with the dancing monks wearing elaborate clothes and wonderful masks. This event is celebrates in the honor of Guru Rinpoche and is the awaited event for the Bhutanese in their religious calendar. It is not just their locals who look out for this event but also tourists, who plan their trip during the time of this festival.

Bhutanese cuisine: You must not leave Bhutan if you are in this beautiful place and have not tested the national dish of Bhutan the “Ema Datsi” which means chilies and cheese. The Bhutanese people love chilies and their love for the chilies is so much that they do not use it just as a seasoning on various dishes but as the main ingredient in the food they eat and sometimes it is the only ingredient. To taste the local cuisine you must walk the streets of chang lam, and phedey lam which bustles woth locals and shops and eateries.

Centenary farmer’s market: This market is the largest one in Bhutan where you can find the veggies and foodstuffs on the wang chu banks. Farmers from all across the country come here. This market was built in the 2008. This is a big building with 2 stories, consisting of four hundred stalls neatly sketched with the farm produce and the meat produce. You can get some exotic produces here.


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