Rwanda a Luxury Destination in East Africa

The hope of a mountain gorilla encounter has lured most visitors to the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’ over the years, but this is a country where whispers of a tourism boom are quickly becoming shouts, and catching a glimpse of its beautiful primates.

Rwanda has four national parks (Volcanoes, Nyungwe, Akagera, and Gishwati) and a host of other boast-worthy natural assets including six volcanoes, 23 Lakes and countless snaking rivers.

Rwandan government has successfully positioned the nation as an ideal African conference and events destination, drawing tens of thousands of visitors to the country each year.

Add to this the national carrier Rwandair’s expansion to include flights to six more destinations in Africa as well as flights to London, Brussels and Mumbai, and things are only looking up.

Rwanda’s focus on creating a network of high-end lodges is the most interesting part of its tourism strategy. Luxury eco – lodges like Bisate Lodge in Volcanoes National Park, and the brand-spanking new Magashi Camp in the Akagera National Park and both managed by the wilderness safaris in Rwanda.

More so the One & Only Resorts, Rwanda have been open in the country and these include the One & Only Gorilla’s Nest Lodge and One & Only Nyungwe House are proof that Rwanda is actively tapping into the high-net-worth traveler market that its neighbours in the region, especially Kenya, are not, and it’s working a charm for the country’s tourism sector.

Seemingly out of the blue, high-value eco – travelers’, explorers’ and business travelers’ ears are picking up as word travels about the bucket-list, adventure-style holidays on offer in Rwanda, now made all the more appealing by the reassurance of a cocoon of luxury to bunker down in at the end of a long day hiking.

Look at the raft of new luxury camps and lodges, such as Singita Kwitonda Lodge and Kataza House, and therefore, this has made it so much possible to combine luxury safaris in East Africa.

It boasts of a smart urban area with clean streets, rich biodiversity, graceful people (who have a very fascinating history), rolling hills that gain it the deserved name “Land of a Thousand Hills” and high on the to-do list is the opportunity to see the playful mountain gorillas in their natural home, an encounter that arouses the emotional sentiments of each and every visitor to this young nation.

Rwanda is the place to visit for cultural tourism, gorilla tours, and sports tourism experiences such as cycling and you can still get to see the Big Five safari animals on the same trip.


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