How to Travel to Venice

Traveling to Venice:

The ideal timing for vacationing in Venice is during the spring when it feels is a little warm and not  too cold and freezing. If you visit in summer it will be very humid there, therefore spring is the best time to visit. Once you have landed at the airport, take a water taxi from the airport. It can be expensive and costs as much as 100 pounds, however if you have company of friends or family and you do not mind sharing it then it costs 25 pounds lesser per head.

If you want to save money while in Venice the it is good to invest in 33 pound 72 hours active smart card. You can save money if you buy one ticket and you can validate it by means of passing the ticket through the reader when you enter every landing stage. It is better not to go for very expensive hotels hers unless it is your intention to spend a lot of time in the hotel. There are a lot of accommodations that are easily affordable and good places to stay too here. Venice is not short of the gondoliers anywhere so you can get a good ride wherever you stay. A  ride on the gondola down the grand canal is an excellent experience.  If you are on a budget and cannot afford them then you can just go by a traghetti, which is a gondola ferry and it costs you very less for the ride.

Another good way to explore the city is on foot. If you are a foreigner and have doubts and are scared of getting lost, then do not worry even if you do get lost, there are a lot of things you can discover till you get back on your pre – destined track. You just have to follow the sing boards  on the buildings that show you direction to the Academia, Rialto and the San Marco. You just keep a distance from the croded areas, walk down the alleys and cross the bridges and there you go you will get back to the backwaters of Venice. Form there you can visit the Sestieri, Castello or the Dorsoduro.

Visit the famous St. Mark’s square in the very early hours of morning, before it gets busy with people  or go at late nights when most of them have left. When the sin goes down the lighting, the music provide a new feel to this wonderful place. you can enjoy the fast foods on the street if you’re a budget traveler. Find a place that is visited by the local people and  dine to enjoy the taste of the local cuisine, you not only get a taste of the local food but also get to save money.

When you are in Venice you must visit the Peggy Guggenheim  collection. You can enjoy the modern art, the wonderful garden with full of sculptures and the beautiful terrace in front part, where visitors can be seated and enjoy the  Grand Canal’s coming and goings.


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