Top 5 Attractions of London South Bank

London South Bank

When you are in London to have a special vacation then you should miss the attraction of London South Bank. You can have all the details relating to those attractions in London South Bank from various websites. There are many attractions as London Eye, Tate Modern, Old operating Theater Museum, Benjamin Franklin House, The Hayward Gallery, Somerset House, Garden Museum, Banqueting House, Courtlauld Institute Gallery and many more. Here we can take a look at the top 5 famous attractions at London South Bank.

Benjamin Franklin House:  This one is a historic attraction of South Bank, London. Benjamin Franklin House was the first American Embassy in England. Visitors here are guided by Franklin’s landlady’s daughter with mesmerizing sound effects and visuals. There are also many events like 18th Century Toy Workshop, Christmas party etc organized in this historic house. The House remains open from Wednesday to Sunday for visitors.

Tate Modern: Situated on the bank of the river Thames, Tate Modern is one of the most famous attractions in London. It is a power station which was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott in the year 1947. The spacious and magnificent turbine hall offers a fantastic atmosphere to the viewers. It remains open all the day in a week. So, every traveler can have a nice trip by observing the Tate Modern.

Somerset House: This spectacular historic building is well famous for its collection belonging to the Courtlauld Institute Gallery and this gives us a nostalgic feeling with reminding us various historical moments. During the year 2009 it has become famous as Victoria and Albert Museum. This house was passed to Queen Elizabeth after Duke’s execution for treason in the year 1552. Visitors here get free entrance to visit riverside terrace, courtyard, Nelsion stair, Interpretation Gallery and many more.

The Hayward Gallery: This is famous for influential exhibitions which started since 1968. Travelers can visit this gallery to have a look of various contemporary and historical arts. The collections made in this gallery are just splendid. The gallery is named after Sir Isaac Hayward who was the former leader of London County Council.  Hence when you are thinking to have a look of the arts and creatures, then you can obviously take a trip in this Gallery.

London Eye: Travelers from all around the world must visit the London Eye whether they can visit another place or not. London eye is the symbol of London city. It remains open daily during the whole year but visiting time continues to change depending on the season. This giant wheel is about 135 meters high. Travelers can have a 360 degree spectacular view of the whole London city from London Eye. There is also facility to get fast track ticket so that you check in just before 15 minutes of the flight. The tenure of the flight is about 30 minutes. Riding on the London Eye is included in the must to do lists of every traveler.

Visiting the above destinations with London escorts will make the trip more colorful and happening for you.


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