6 Tips to Enjoy Gorilla Safaris in Africa

Gorilla Safaris in Uganda

Africa is annually receiving a mammoth number of tourists who are interested in trekking the gorillas in the wild. Gorilla trekking has become a favorite activity to many travelers to Africa.

If you are among the next travelers going for trekking the gorillas in Africa, take note of these fantastic 6 tips, below, before you go for this awe-inspiring activity such that you enjoy it up to its pinnacle:

Know the location of your desired gorilla type

There are 6 types of gorilla in Africa which are western gorilla, eastern gorilla, cross river gorilla, western lowland gorilla, eastern lowland gorilla, and mountain gorilla.

However, the mostly wanted gorilla type by gorilla trekkers are the mountain gorilla, and occasionally trekkers ask for the eastern lowland gorilla.

Therefore, before heading to Africa for your gorilla safari, it is better to do some research about the gorilla type that you want to trek and identify its location.

The location of the most popular gorilla type in Africa, mountain gorilla, is only in three countries Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo, well as the eastern lowland gorillas are majorly found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, hence Democratic Republic of Congo being a unique gorilla destination.

A gorilla permit cost differently in these countries, of which a gorilla permit in Rwanda costs US$ 1500, Uganda costs US$ 600 and in Democratic Republic of Congo it costs US$ 400.

Therefore, it is up to you to decide on which country to visit for your mountain gorilla safari after weighing them (basing on various issues) and come up with one that is more convenient for you.

Book through a tour agency that is specialized in gorilla safaris

For an ultimate gorilla safari in Africa, you should deal with a tour agency/operator that is highly specialized in planning gorilla trips otherwise you will regret.

Such agencies include Uganda tours which will organize for you a perfect gorilla safari, and you are assured of unfading memories.

The agency will purchase a gorilla permit on your behalf and on your arrival its representatives will handle it over to you when they have come to pick you from the airport.

The gorilla permits in Africa, especially for the mountain gorillas, are on a very high demand and you are most likely to miss out this amazing activity if you delay to book.

Stability in your gorilla trekking country

Some tour agencies only mind to get business and they will fail to tell the truth about the stability in that particular country you would wish to visit.

It is therefore more rewarding if you also do some research about the country you are about to visit such that you don’t fall into troubles as some African countries are really full of conflicts.

Before thinking of the amusement achieved from trekking gorillas, take your life as a first priority always because you will not enjoy anything unless when you are alive, so go to a country that is conflict-free.

Weigh the prices of gorilla permits in each country

Before deciding on which country to enjoy your gorilla expeditions from, first know the cost of a gorilla permit in each country.

Most trekkers, especially those with limited time, enjoy going for the gorilla safaris in Rwanda reason being that its gorilla refuge, Volcanoes National Park, is so close to the capital city centre and are able to do the activity in just one day.

However its gorilla permit being expensive (US$ 1500), some will not afford it thus opting for other countries like Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Though gorilla permits in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo are cheaper, you should be ready of driving long distances hence you should weigh them all and choose what is more appropriate for you.

Book in advance

Advance booking is very essential whenever you are going for a gorilla excursion in Africa because the continent is annually thronged by various individuals who are interested in the same activity yet the gorilla permits are very few to accommodate that huge number. You should at least book for the permit at least 3 months earlier before your trip’s exact dates.

Check your packing list

After you have paid for your gorilla permit, accommodation, transport and your entire trip, that means you are fully confirmed to take part in this lifetime experience and the only thing to start thinking of is what right to pack for a gorilla trip.

Among the most essentials to include on your packing list are light hiking boots, good HD camera plus extra charged batteries, enough drinking water, binoculars, long sleeved clothes, energy giving snacks, garden gloves, sweaters, rain jacket, hat and sun glasses, and also you should remember to hire a porter from the Park headquarters who will free you from carrying luggage hence enabling you to fully enjoy your activity.


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