Self Drive in Uganda, Camping Gears Equipment’s

Self Drive in Uganda

Self Drive in Uganda – Hire a 4×4 Safari Vehicle

Book with 4×4 car hire Uganda for good vehicles you should use in your trip or tour all over East Africa. 4×4 Car Hire Uganda also provides good drivers who have a great experience in all adventurous places in East Africa who will help you too to achieve a great experience in East Africa.

It also provides camping gears/equipment’s like camping tents and many others which you will use if you want to camp in the national parks’ campsites instead of using lodges.

Camping in the campsites of national parks’ is the act of setting your own shelters in the campsites using the camping tents and other equipment’s.

After setting up the shelters, you will have to also set fire near your camping station and this will prevent a number of wildlife to access to your shelters though you can also use the fire for warmth and other staffs. However, the Parks have enough security which will protect while camping in the Parks.

If you are to book for Self Drive in Uganda during your tour, you are convinced to book with a 4×4 car hire Uganda earlier before your tour because if you delay, unfortunately you might find when all drivers and the vehicles are booked by other clients since the company offers good services to many tourists and other clients.

Delays to book with a 4×4 car hire Uganda may bring interruptions in your tour. A 4×4 car hire Uganda provides good safari vehicles like Prado, Safari van, Super custom, Premio, Coaster bus, Rav4 and Land cruiser which you will first check before taking them in the field in order to confirm that the vehicle you are taking is in a better condition.

You can book for your tour when you are still in your home country and this is done through sending emails to a 4×4 car hire Uganda’s tour consultant.

For the best and confirmation of your tour, it is more efficient if you pay a certain deposit to the tour consultant in order to secure your tour.

Your trip with a self driver will be a memorable one because the drive will on the other hand act as your guide due to the experience he has in East Africa.

With a self driver, you will be able to discover many places, towns, slums and cities in East Africa which you could not know and he will always be there for you in everything you will wish to know due to the company’s professionalized and friendly drivers.

If you have gone to East Africa for Kampala city tours in Uganda, he will be able to take you to the funniest destinations which will make your tour a memorable one and he will also do the same if you are to carry out your tour in any of other East African country with Democratic Republic of Congo being inclusive though it is a central African country.

For the better exploring of East African attractive and adventurous places plus equipping a great experience, you are always emphasized to book with  4×4 car hire Uganda for a self driver who will guide you in various most attractive places of East Africa and some of these include Bwindi impenetrable forests national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kibale forests national park, Kidepo valley national park, Murchison Fall national park, Mgahinga national park, Rwenzori Mountains national park, Mountain  Elgon national park, Semuliki national park, Lake Mburo national park which are found in Uganda.

Nyungwe forests National Park, Volcanoes National Park, and Akagera National Park which are found in Rwanda and Mountain Kenya National Park found in Kenya and many others including some parts of Democratic Republic of Congo where you can go for Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park plus Mountain Nyiragongo Hiking.

Some of the most activities which are best for exploring Africa include Mountain gorilla tracking and this activity is only done in East Africa and one Park in central Africa (Congo) which is also next to East African national parks.

However, the activity is more ideal in Uganda because it has two national parks which protect Mountain gorillas and Uganda almost protects three quarters of the world’s mountain gorillas.

There are only four national parks in Africa and the whole world where you can go for gorilla tracking and the most ideal Park for the activity is Bwindi impenetrable forests national park itself protecting almost half of world’s mountain gorillas and it is found in the western parts of Uganda.

Other Parks include Mgahinga national park also found in Uganda, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Virunga national park in Democratic Republic of Congo.

The driver during your tour will also be the one to drive you during the game drives in the Park which will create for you more time to view a variety of wildlife and even take photos of them.

The activity of game driving will be easier and enjoyful when you have a professional driver who will be taking you through every attractive corner of the Park though the Park ranger will also be there to help you.

Since the driver will do more of the driving and guiding in other attractive places where there are no rangers like on roads, you will not get tired a lot and you will be comfortable and able to view many things during your tour.

Most of the Parks in East Africa have well preserved camping sites where tourists who will want to camp in the Parks will set their camping gears, like camping tents, to make good shelters out of them. You will then stay there and there will be enough security given to protect you such that you don’t get any harm while in the Park.

It is cheaper and affordable to book for self driver trip with camping gears for your tour if you book with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda.

However, it is also of a greater advantage for you if you carry heavy clothes especially during rainy season and night sessions in some Parks plus the timely changing weather and climate.


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