Gorilla Tours Congo and Senkwekwe Center in Virunga

Visit Nyiragongo in DR Congo

Gorillas are the best tourist attractions that have created a link between the African continent and the outside countries. Visiting Congo is one of the best experiences one will ever have while on the gorilla tours in Congo.

Gorilla permits in Congo are the cheapest to buy compared to the other two countries with the endangered mountain gorilla and each person pays $400 per track and the best way to enjoy them is through entrusting Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited to organize the tour as we did.

Virunga national park is where one can find these gentle creatures and our first day to DR. Congo we slept at Kibumba Tented Camp where we based the following day to go to Kibati patrol post for a briefing, after this wonderful briefing we were led by two park rangers who took us through the deep ridges as we were overcoming steeps and slopes within the forested park. We trekked the gorillas and this took us 5hours since they had spent their night far away from the park headquarters.

Throughout the park we had an advantage of seeing the endangered golden monkeys in our trails, the time we got closer to these gentle gorillas we were satisfied with the golden monkeys.

We had never seen such gorillas in our lives and indeed these were too gentle to the extent that they never bothered with us, we took photos as the young ones yearned to get closer to us but we had to get a step back to avoid the silver back charging.

After having this amazing visit to the gorilla family, we went back to the Camp for a rest, on the following day we went to Senkwekwe Gorilla orphanage centre at Rumagambo within the park which is the only centre in the world where the victimized gorillas are taken care of after their saving from the park encroacher and poachers.

We reached this centre but we were all surprised seeing baby gorillas being fed and treated by the experienced gorilla doctors around.

From this point of view we were inspired to donate some dollars as a way of supporting the wildlife conservation projects that were initiated from this park.

Some of the gorilla orphans we found here included the Maisha which is 12years old and a female, Ndakasi a 9years old female, Ndeze a female 9years old and each orphan had its own story that stipulates how each came into the park.

We also engaged in feeding the young ones with milk, in the evening we went back Kibumba Tented Camp as we prepared for our departure back to Spain.

We can’t fail to praise Moses for the wonderful organized tour, everything we had paid for we got it in full without limitation. Indeed a visit to the mature gorillas and the Senkwekwe was a real combination since we enjoyed the best of the tour to the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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