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Welcome to Kenya and Tanzania the East African countries that have got tourism potential with vast wilderness areas.

Planning your combined Kenya safari to visit these three countries would be of a great importance most especially to those who wish to explore the nature and beauty of the east African countries.

Fly into Tanzania and by road or air you can visit these countries on prior preparations with Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited, this will enable you to acquire all the visas for the three countries in time and this will ease your movements and stay in the countries.

This will enable you to enjoy your safari without worries since everything will be left in our management, Tanzania is ranked among the top destinations that every tourist in Africa should travel to for holidays with a great interesting point including,

Stone Town, this is a cultural town which is found in the heart of Zanzibar which was an Arabian home with different old home that were constructed in 19th century.

The old houses in this town have got their unique characteristic of carved wooden doors and place is known as a Swahili city by the majority, most of the building here were turned into a museum state including old churches.

Take a walk to Creed road where you will find Central Darajani Market, City Hall and the known Anglican Cathedral, former home of the Sultan which is known as Beit el-Sahel that was constructed in 1888 plus the Old Fort.

Travel to Lake Manyara National Park is where you will experience the best of the park, the park is covered by woodland, swamps and forest, the park’s total surface areas is most covered by the lake, here you will enjoy a thousand flamingo birds that colonized the region, the park has got the a large population of  elephants, lions,  plus the tree-climbing lions.

Also to note is the herds of hippos that are seen closer bouncing in the water body, do not miss out the park with the largest concentration of baboons in the world, take up a canoe to watch the different birds species that sail on the waters of Manyara.

To those who move in September, don’t miss out traveling to the northern Tanzania where you will find Serengeti national park, this is ranked to be the largest national park in the country, here you will witness the annual migration of the Wildebeest from Kenya in their process of searching for pasture.

This migration is one of the most impressive natural events and the primary draw for many tourists in Africa, the park is treeless and therefore this will enable you to take as much clear photos as possible.

The best months for wildlife viewing are between December and June since the months of March to May, you will also take a look at the herds of antelopes, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, bat eared fox, hunting dog and jackal.

Those who have got a long traveling period may perform mountain climbing; eight to nine days will enable you to explore the highest African mountain of Kilimanjaro.

The mountain is located in Kilimanjaro National Park Park and therefore managed by Tanzania National Parks Authority, the mountain is one of the best visited mountain, the park was named as a World Heritage Site and the mountain is believed to have been formed one million years ago with three different mountain points/ peaks including Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo and the highest point being Uhuru which is on Kibo and this is named under the seven summits of the world.

The mountain can be climbed any time in a year but the best period is between June and October which is considered to be a dry season

The mountain rises from farmland on the lower level to rain forest and alpine meadow and then barren lunar landscape at the peaks.

The slopes of the rain forest are home to buffaloes, leopards, monkeys, elephants and eland. Bird watchers enjoy the alpine zones due to the existence of abundance birds of prey.

Cross to Kenya by road or by air and visit some of the amazing places including the national parks, Kenya is one of the best countries to travel to  by visitors from different nationalities, it’s a English speaking country with Kiswahili being the dominant language among the local people.

Kenya is blessed with a wide range of topographical features ranging from the low plains found along the coast, bisected by the Great Rift Valley, to the fertile plateau in the west.

The Great Rift Valley is a home to a number of lakes, arid and rugged landscapes, and volcanic land forms with areas of active hot springs and Nairobi is the capital city of the country with the most administrative units.

Take a visit to Tsavo which is Kenya’s largest park divided into Tsavo West and Tsavo East well supplied with waterfalls, hills, lava rock plateaux and rivers found along Mombasa road, within this park, you will enjoy a great number of elephants that are seen enjoying the dust within the park  plus the Galana River that flows in Tsavo East, you will see the world’s longest Lava Flow, Lugard falls, Yatta Plateau and the Mudanda rock.

While at Tsavo West, you will enjoy the beautiful sceneries plus the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, Mzima springs, including the large population of hippos and crocodiles.

You cannot fail to reach Amboseli National park for sure if you want to enjoy the true wild of Kenya, this park is located in Loitokitok District within a Rift Valley and the word Amboseli its self from which the park was named literary means “Salty Dust” in the Maasai language.

If you want to have a great fun of wildlife, then visit this park on your trip where you will be able to see the cheetahs, Water bucks, gazelle, impala, giraffes, eland, water bucks, and herds of elephants followed by over 600 bird species.

Don’t miss out the dried up bed of lake Amboseli, woodlands, savannah vegetation type and the wetlands containing the sulfur springs.

When you travel to northern Kenya, you will find the palm –lined Ewaso Nyiro River, Shaba National park, along the river, you will find the Samburu, Buffalo springs and in Shaba National Reserve you will experience the historical events that happened here since it is the place where Gorge and Joy Adamson raised the Lioness known as Elsa commonly known in the “Born Free” film.

Other species here are used to the parched conditions since other depend on the flowing rivers to survive within the reserves, you will see the Gravy’s zebras, Somali ostriches, and gerenuks, the long-necked antelope that stand on two rear legs to reach the fresh shoots on upper tree limbs.

In Samburu National Reserve you will get exposed to Sarara Singing Wells including the holes of water where the Samburu warriors enjoy singing their traditional songs during the process of hauling drinking water for their cattle.

Hope you enjoy visiting some of the islands within and around Kenya, then here is the chance where you will get the chance of being sailed on waters to the island of Lamu, this is a small island found in the northeast of Mombasa port and due to its significance, it was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The island was used as a trading centre way back in the 12th century and the buildings here will give you the true picture of the island, you will see the coral stone buildings, buildings with carved wooden doors. You will enjoy the donkeys, or being plowed on dhows, Lamu Museum, Lamu Fort, and the donkey sanctuary.

Enjoying other parts of Kenya minus experiencing its largest city will be of no value, to tell any story from your trip without the city of that country, then it will be an incomplete story or trip, visiting Nairobi will enlarge your amusement.

Enjoy the history of the city as it was once a capital for the British East Africa who were once here to participate in coffee trading.

Nairobi National Museum will be your first attractions here in the city since you will be taken through the different culture of the Kenya local people, you will see the contemporary art and designs, enjoy Kenya’s history with the botanical gardens around where you will spend your entire day enjoying the leisure.

Take a tour to the Karen Blixen Museum which is the restored residence of the Danish Author of the Book “Out of Africa”.

Without traveling far away from the city, enjoy the wildlife at Nairobi National Park a home to lions, leopards, wildebeest, buffaloes, cheetahs, and the black rhinos, zebras, making the place a home to the five big cats. Take a visit to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where you will interact with Orphan elephants found around the park.

After exploring this great park, come back to the Giraffe Centre where you will experience the reason as to why you visited the country’s city, here you will interact with the long necked giraffes by feeding them by hands and this will be of great value for you since you will take million photos on your trip with Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited.


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