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Uganda is an ideal country to go for a holiday as the country comprises of various amazing things that you can get engaged in and make your holiday an exceptional one.

Flexibility on your holiday is the most convenient way to enjoy your tour in Uganda, therefore it is better you contact one of the mostly acclaimed car rental companies in Uganda such as 4×4 car hire Uganda to hire you a good-quality vehicle of your desire. The top things you should get involved in after hiring a car in Uganda during your holiday include:

Gorilla trekking;

Uganda is one of the only three refuges of the rare endangered mountain gorillas in the world – others being Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Trekking the endangered mountain gorillas is such an awesome and life changing activity that every traveler should experience in order for you to get an unforgettable tours in Uganda and the entire Africa as well.

In the southwestern parts of Uganda is where one can go for the life changing gorilla trekking activity as it is where the country’s only two gorilla trekking national parks exist – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks. Bwindi is worldly known for inhabiting the highest number of mountain gorillas – over 500 mountain gorillas.

A gorilla permit, which is more essential for one to go trek these gentle primates, costs US$ 700 in Uganda and you are advised to book in advance whenever you are interested in the activity because the permits are on a very high demand throughout the year, hence you are most likely to miss it out if you delay to book.

The activity is really challenging as it involves hiking in search of them in the mountainous tropical forests where they thrive but after finding them, you will surely forget all the difficulties you have passed through to meet them in their natural habitants as the primates are really amazing and breathtaking!!

Chimpanzee tracking;

Next to the gorillas, chimpanzees are the most wanted and popular primate species among the annual tourists that Uganda records. Chimpanzees together with the gorillas are so close and friendly to human beings.

Tracking the chimpanzees in their natural habitants is very stunning and Uganda is one of the best countries in Africa to do the activity.

There are various destinations in Uganda where you can track the chimpanzees but the premier destination for the activity is Kibale Forests National Park, in western Uganda.

However, the other destinations in Uganda ideal for chimpanzee tracking are; Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary situated on Lake Victoria (Africa’s first and world’s second largest freshwater lake).

Like gorilla trekking, you also need a chimpanzee permit to go trek the chimpanzees in Uganda but the rates for the permit differ in each of the chimpanzee refuges.

As a premier destination, Kibale National Park’s permit costs US$ 200 well as a permit in Murchison Falls National Park costs US$ 90, and that of Queen Elizabeth National Park costs US$ 50.

Therefore, after hiring a car, head to western Uganda to track the chimpanzees before going to the southwest to track the endangered mountain gorillas and you are guaranteed with memorable escapades.

Game Viewing;

Are you an aficionado and enthusiast of wildlife? Uganda is one of the best countries in Africa to see Africa’s big game such as; African Leopards, African Lions, African Elephants, Rhinos, Cape Buffaloes, Cheetahs, Zebras, Giraffes, Antelopes, Hartebeests, Nile Crocodiles, Hippopotamuses, and others.

The best and top national parks to visit for wildlife viewing in Uganda after hiring your private car are; Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

A visit to any of these Parks is of course a fantastic one and you will never regret it in your entire life as they are all unique in their own way besides protecting most of Africa’s esteemed wildlife.

Basically, if you have a private car is when you will enjoy the game viewing activity to its pinnacle simply because you will be able to do the game drives which offer the most stunning game views in the Parks.

White water rafting;

A safari to Uganda is never a perfect one not until you experience the Nile from its source (white water rafting) in Jinja, in eastern Uganda, which is considered one of the best ‘one day white water trips’ in the world.

Your day in Jinja (eastern Uganda) enjoying the white-water rafting is indeed the best in the world and you are guaranteed with great memories.

The other amazing activities to do in Uganda after hiring a car include; Kampala city tours, mountain climbing (Mountain Rwenzori and Mountain Elgon), boat cruises on Lake Victoria, birding watching, gorilla and chimpanzee habituation, among others.

Advantages of renting a private car in Uganda

Contrary to the public transport, renting a private car is the most convenient and of course the easiest way to make successful and memorable trips in Uganda. It also saves time and you will do your trip accordingly.

Renting a private car is advantageous and it is the most efficient transportation to visit the Pearl of Africa – Uganda, so below are some of the advantages of renting a car in Uganda:

Flexibility, Independence, and Freedom of movement

With a private car, you will be free and flexible in your trip, meaning that you can easily change on where to go at any time you feel like without any difficulty as it could be when in a public transport.

It is also to take note that some, in fact most, of the worthy-visit places in Uganda are in remote areas where you will need to board various means of transport to access them, in case you are to use a public transport, which is really very stressful and chaotic.

But if you rented a private car, you will drive straight to your desired destination and this will even help you to be punctual.


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